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Bates, Jo and Gerrard, Ysabel (eds)
‘Data Power: tactics, access and shaping’,
special issue of Online Information Review.

Lauriault, Tracey and Lim, Merlyna (eds)
‘Data Power (I)’ 
Canadian Journal of Communication, volume 44 number 3, 2019.

  • Halkort, Monika, Decolonizing data relations: On the moral economy of data-sharing in Palestinian refugee camps.
  • Dobson, Kathy, Welfare fraud 2.0? Using big Data to surveil, stigmatize and criminalize the poor.
  • Barreneche, Carlos, Data corruption: the institutional cultures of data collection—the case of a crime mapping system in Latin America.
  • Toupin, Sophie, Hacking in’ Wikipedia Zero in Angola.
  • Poirier, Lindsay, Classification as catachresis: Double binds of representing difference with semiotic infrastructure.

Lauriault, Tracey & Lim, Merlyna (eds) 
Data Power (II). 
Canadian Journal of Communication, (forthcoming).

  • von Bargen, Julian & Fish, Adam, Technoliberalism in Iceland: The Fog of Information Infrastructure.
  • Jia, Lianrui, Unpacking China’s Social Credit System: Informatization, Regulatory Framework, and Market Dynamics.
  • Feigenbaum, Anna & Weissmann, Dan G.B. What Counts as Police Violence? A Case Study of Data in CATO’s Police Misconduct Reporting Project.
  • Mahrenbach, Laura & Mayer, Katja, Framing policy visions of big data in emerging states.
  • Machado, Helena & Granja, Rafael, DNA transnational data journeys and the construction of categories of suspicion.
  • Redden, Joanna, Predictive analytics and child welfare: Toward data justice.